GOOD NEWS!!! oh, wait, nevermind. :

Hello, my name is Aaron. I go to LBJ high school. I wrote a wab page. I misspelled “web”. I get bored and that’s when the voices start. Well, no they don’t, but I already wrote it and I don’t have a backspace key. Actually I do, but if you think I don’t, it seems like I’m really good at typing. I am. And it’s all because of the home keys. No, it isn’t. Just kidding, I really do use the home keys. HA HA, fooled you again. If you’re not confused enough already, don’t go to these pages. oh, wait, DO go to these pages. Sorry about that little faux paus. What does faux paus mean. E-mail me with the answer. Or don’t. I don’t care. I’ve got some messed up links to fix.

Ah…it warms my heart to see that the proper spirit of web-pages lives on at my old, fair school.

Later, we find this, titled “mad writing skillz“:

I wanna go into journalism, either columnizing or photographying. That’d be fun.
Oh, I mean after my education. That or mechanicing, then saving up some money for Skip Barber or Bob Bourundant racing school, then driving really fast and probably wrecking more than my fair share of times.

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