Can XML Be The Same After W3C XML Schema? :

In 20000 Leagues Under the Sea, Jules Verne describes Conseil, a biologist who knows exactly the classification of any species of fish, yet isn’t able to recognize any of them in real life, and a fisherman, Ned Land, who is able to recognize every fish, but unable to classify any of them.

Applying this to XML and W3C XML Schema, I see a danger of creating two distinct and potentially incompatible types of XML applications: those which, like Ned Land, identify elements and attributes by their instances and those which, like Conseil, identify them by their datatypes. How you see XML in future may well be colored by whether you use W3C XML Schema or not.

Usually I post tech-stuff like this on the links blog, but this is a fine little article stopping just short of what seems to me a correct, but bold prediction that once XML Schema hits big, XML will become object oriented.

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