I finished reading Bitter Java last night, a kind of anti-patterns type book, largely, about J2EE issues, or, at least, server side Java issues. Over all, it’s a good book and worth reading. Essentially it’s a written down version of current Best Practices and Worst Practices in the Java server side world. One could, as the author does I believe, make a solid consulting gig out of just applying the practices in the book to broken code-bases worldwide, no doubt.

If you really wanted to flesh out your Java knowledge reading
Effective Java (hands down the best Java book of it’s type, or any type for that matter; there’s
a good interview with Bloch that captures the essential spirit of the book), Core J2EE Patterns (or the free stuff at Sun), and the good ol’ Java spec itself would probably just about do ya.

But, then of course, you still wouldn’t know shit about how to do good GUI in Java…but I don’t think such a book exists.

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