Re: coding style — the holy wars:

This whole thing is just plain silly. I have been programming in Java since 1996 and have written god-knows-how-many thousands of classes and I have never had a problem that this “standard” is supposed to fix. Just stick to the Sun recommendations and let programmers worry about more important things than following some inane standard about what they must name their local variables.


Dude, back in highschool, our man Gunn Salelanonda was fuckin’ busy movin’ computer shit on USEnet.

Of course, as with others, there’s always a gem to be found in the USEnet archives:

From: gunn salelanonda
Subject: W: I’d like a baby hedgehog
Date: 1995/08/16

My highschool russian class would like a baby hedgehog.
Does anyone have any expectant hogs? Or know where I can find one?

And, yes, there’s plenty of junk from my old days too, e.g.,

From: Michael Cote’ (
Subject: Re: HOW TO ATTRACT GIRLS INSTANTLY….Secrets to instant sex appeal
Newsgroups: comp.emacs
Date: 1997/10/13


> HOW TO ATTRACT GIRLS INSTANTLY….Secrets to instant sex appeal

Well, it’s pretty easy in emacs. M-x attract-member-opposite-sex

Now, that’s a pretty long, so you might want to use tab completion
on there somewhere.

You also might want to set up the variable what-sex-am-i or it’ll
default to male (you know, all those chauvinist emacs developers!)

Hah! emacs jokes! I kill(ed) me! Hah…eh…well…good night everybody…

Continental Players

It’s been the same for the last 3 days…” –Charles

It seems the friends are all over the place: Mason sent me an e-mail from Cote d’Ivorie:

I am here in Abijan, Cote D’Ivoire.

We worked on our tans and gourged ourselves on fish. Abijan is cool…They’ve got good croissants and real coffee too. In any case Were set to be back in spain mid june

I say there’s no need to ask why you’re traveling; whether it’s in Africa, Peru, or just kickin’ it old school at the Indy 500, you’re traveling because it’s fun, hell, ’cause it’s what humans do and have done since their creation, birth, or whatever. Have fun.

And send me cool shit ;>

XML IN PRACTICE – Fractals, Self Similarity, and the Whimsical Boundaries of XML Documents:

I find looking at a tag structure without the tag names visible a humbling experience that is good for the soul. It shows in stark relief the futility of the boundaries we create in data modeling. We create a boundary whenever we split a universe of information into chunks we call “documents” which we then aggregate together into collections of documents. Prior to tagging any information into XML we need to decide where the concept of document stops and the concept of document collection starts.