I use the old Yahoo! Mail
, but I check my mail through their web-interface. I likes it quite a bit.

Actually, I “cheat” a little bit in my “mail solution” in that I also pay $15/yr. to POBox.com for e-mail forwarding; thus, my public address is cote AT pobox.com. What with all my domain names, I could be doing this kind of thing on my own (cote@drunkandretired.com, bigfathairyape@nudesleeper.com, etc.), but I’ve used this service for as long as I can remember, so I am kind of locked into it for now.

I also, uh, well, er…I paid Yahoo! $25/yr. for extra e-mail space. All you unix folks out there are always telling me there’s no need for that, but, I mean, I just type in my credit card number, and a few minutes later, everything just works. I’m lazy.

Unfortunitly, Yahoo! Mail has been damn slow of late, and about half the time I have to re-load a page; I click check e-mail, or I send an e-mail, and I just get back a blank page.

Nonetheless, I love my Yahoo! Mail: I can check it from anywhere, and have complete access to all my mail, address book, calendar, etc.

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