A fine myth, Apollo and Marsyas:

Apollo once again challenged Marsyas, this time to turn his instrument upside down and both play and sing at the same time. Without thinking about the consequences, the over-confident Marsyas blindly accepted the dare, but much to his dismay he soon found out it was impossible to carry out such an action with a flute. Apollo on the other hand reversed his lyre and played a tune while singing out tales of his fellow gods. The Muses had no other choice but to declare him the winner. No one knows why Apollo chose such a cruel punishment for his rival, for he had Marsyas flayed alive and his skin nailed to a pine tree. It is said that either the satyrs blood or the many teardrops shed by his woodland friends formed the river Marsyas.

The moral being, make damn sure you know what you’re capable of before you accept a challange.

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