It’s Always Time For Dinner Somewhere

cowboyd: dude, can you do me a favor?

bushwald: Sure.
cowboyd: my phone is out of minutes… can you order me a pizza?
bushwald: HA!
bushwald: Sure, what number do I need to dial?
cowboyd: 011 44 20 7729 4428
bushwald: What’s your address
cowboyd: [XXXXX Some Street in London], ground floor flat.
cowboyd: I’d like the deep dish hawaiin
bushwald: OK.
cowboyd: and a can of fanta.
cowboyd: yes, this is truly a bad idea, but I need pizza.
bushwald: I’ll give it a try.
bushwald: Is that all the info I need.
cowboyd: thansk coté, you’re a life-saver.
bushwald: Please hold while I try to order you a pizza in London, from Texas.
cowboyd: and not to put any undue pressure, but they close at 12:30
bushwald: Isn’t it 12:30 already?
cowboyd: 5 til.
bushwald: whao!
bushwald: I’m
bushwald: in
bushwald: What’s the post code?!
cowboyd: N18LE
bushwald: Okey dokey, they should be one the way.
cowboyd: YUH!
cowboyd: YUH!
cowboyd: YUH!
bushwald: He didn’t ask me for a credit card number though.
cowboyd: YUH!
bushwald: I got you a large.
bushwald: Rather, “the largest.”
cowboyd: sweet.
cowboyd: coté, you are the best.
bushwald: Well, we aim to please.

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