Christmas in April

bushwald: Dude, the car people called and said my car is here today [2 days early].
bushwald: But it won’t be ready until tomorrow at 2PM.
jploius: Are you going to go get it?
bushwald: So, I’ll leave work early tomorrow (around 4PM) and pick it up.
jploius: Do it now!!!!
bushwald: No, dude, they said it won’t be ready until tomorrow.
jploius: Oh, prep
bushwald: They have to, like, tint it and then clean it or something.
jploius: What time will it be ready?
bushwald: 2PM.
bushwald: TOMORROW.
bushwald: Wednesday
jploius: Are you going to go look at it tonight?
bushwald: Nah…is that normal?
jploius: see if it has everything?
bushwald: I figure I’ll just do that tomorrow.
bushwald: There’s really not that many optional things for them to
fuck up though.
bushwald: The only “diffs” are the sound system and the tint.
jploius: How will you sleep?
bushwald: I’ll have 3-4 glasses of Scotch.
bushwald: That’s what I did last night ;>
jploius: :)

This Friday is my last day working at The Cobalt Group where I’ve been cube’ing at since Halloween 2001, a scant 6 months.

The folks at BMC gave me a call recently to offer me a job working in Kinman’s group, doing more good old Java stuff. I know some folks have had bad expierences at BMC, but I think Kinman makes a good canary for what my job there’ll be like; and our old friend chowe works there too, so it can’t be all that bad a’tall.

In fact, I’m looking forward to it quite a lot.

Anyhow, there ya have it.

I use the old Yahoo! Mail
, but I check my mail through their web-interface. I likes it quite a bit.

Actually, I “cheat” a little bit in my “mail solution” in that I also pay $15/yr. to for e-mail forwarding; thus, my public address is cote AT What with all my domain names, I could be doing this kind of thing on my own (,, etc.), but I’ve used this service for as long as I can remember, so I am kind of locked into it for now.

I also, uh, well, er…I paid Yahoo! $25/yr. for extra e-mail space. All you unix folks out there are always telling me there’s no need for that, but, I mean, I just type in my credit card number, and a few minutes later, everything just works. I’m lazy.

Unfortunitly, Yahoo! Mail has been damn slow of late, and about half the time I have to re-load a page; I click check e-mail, or I send an e-mail, and I just get back a blank page.

Nonetheless, I love my Yahoo! Mail: I can check it from anywhere, and have complete access to all my mail, address book, calendar, etc.

I finally bought myself a new car. The ’89 Deville served me well for neigh 8 years. I expect the Volvo S80 T6 to do more than the same.

I test drove this bad-boy up and down 290, and all I had to say the whole time, as wind cruised in from the sun-roof, and I listened to the radio through the 10 speakers that surrounded me…was…


Because I wanted it in black, I can’t have it ’till Thursday when they ship it. But all you fools, from the old school, can come drive and bask in the glory of Swedish Luxury.

OK, that’s enough gloating from me for about 3 years.

The S80 is sweet.

Overheard in the cubical sea, “Men just don’t usually have an emotional vocabulary.”

Well, as Charles once said, in IM,
“There are really only 2 ‘true’ words: ‘YUH!’ and ‘AHHHHHHH!'”

So there ya have it.

Bold means meeting(s)

Ahh, yes, an explanation is in order…. I’ve long been the person who gets on people’s cases for lack of content production, and in the past month and half or so, I’ve become a looser in that slot myself.

My only defense is that, over there at work, I’ve been in meetings — formal and otherwise — all the damn time. Then there’s the support: lemme tell you folks, if you release a product with a user base in the 1000’s (I think), and you were the sole developer/team lead/architect/etc. for it, any question related to that product is going to be given to you first, even if it’s no how in your control to even know the answer. I could elobarate, but I don’t think I will.

There’s no excuse, though. I admit it ;>

A fine myth, Apollo and Marsyas:

Apollo once again challenged Marsyas, this time to turn his instrument upside down and both play and sing at the same time. Without thinking about the consequences, the over-confident Marsyas blindly accepted the dare, but much to his dismay he soon found out it was impossible to carry out such an action with a flute. Apollo on the other hand reversed his lyre and played a tune while singing out tales of his fellow gods. The Muses had no other choice but to declare him the winner. No one knows why Apollo chose such a cruel punishment for his rival, for he had Marsyas flayed alive and his skin nailed to a pine tree. It is said that either the satyrs blood or the many teardrops shed by his woodland friends formed the river Marsyas.

The moral being, make damn sure you know what you’re capable of before you accept a challange.