Pants & Love

Kate: “By worshiping the pants, they gave me confidence which gave me
some, I think, some degree, maybe, of attractiveness to this person
[Kate’s husband] who, ultimately, I was trying to attract.”

Kate’s Husband: “As anyone who’s fallen in love knows, you
know, you idolize the person you’re falling in love with. And in those
early days, in particular, they feel perfect to you, you know, and
then you start asking yourself all sorts of questions…all sorts of
insecurities come up…’why would this perfect person necessarily fall
for me, and accept me, and want to be with me.’ But then, you know,
when you discover a chink in that person’s perfection, when there’s —
when you find a flaw — in this case, you know, Kate has bad taste, at
least in this one pair of pants, then it, somehow, makes you feel a
little more comfortable. You feel like, ‘well, maybe I do have a
chance because here…God, you know, those pants had a chance
with her.”

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