In four more months this weblog will
be 2 years old
. Not to wax all mopey, but, God damn, I (and I
don’t mean the weblog here) sure have gone through a lot of different
contexts and changes in those 2 years.

It’s all kind of strange, ’cause it seems like just yesterday —
or, at least, last month — that I was still working at FX and then Coral. I think
I’ve somehow blurred that huge ass span of time between then and now.

Jesus. Now I realize why that
HST quote below
stood out so strongly to me when I read it last
night. In fact, I’ve been feeling the electric-blue crackle that HST
used to have in my day-to-day life since driving
back from camping last week

There’s been a lot of talk among the fxiles
about getting th’ band back together, and I don’t mind publicly saying
that it wouldn’t take much at all, given the above realization of
time-blur, to get me to jump ship to something that — even though, no
doubt, would be hella unstable and risky — would make me feel drunk
all day without having sucked a single drop of Chivis.

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