The Many Uses of Yuh!

From an e-mail by Charles on company by-laws and
growth in companies:

How much growth is too much? At some point, it is simply impossible to
maintain the small culture, no matter how slowly you grow, you’ll get to a
point where you’ll lose the “yuh!

This instance of “yuh!” as you can see, is to demark a concept of closeness and what they sometime call “1.0” in
The Industry, e.g., “EJB isn’t as ‘yuh!’ as XML-RPC.” Though, no doubt, any group or orginization could be said to have “the yuh!”, e.g., “Ever since Jordon left,
The Bulls, and basket-ball in general, just haven’t had the ‘yuh!'”

Of course, other uses still apply, e.g., “Dude…last night…I’m tellin’ ya…YUH!” Or, more recently, “Warren Buffett: YUH!”

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