Categorized blog Posts

One of the obvious problems of web-publishing is getting
exposure. While this isn’t unique to web-publishing, it
certainly seems like it’s easier to solve than it is in meat-land.
It’s certainly something I’m always thinking about, even for my petty pages.

Anyhow, one little scheme is to somehow provide a wire-like service
for individual blog posts. That is, not just an indexer of blog, or an indexer of what blogs link
, but a categorized page of individual blog posts.

Essentially, it’d be almost identical to Yahoo!’s Full Coverage site,
except it’d list blog posts instead of news stories. A blog reader
would be able to read a wide slice of blogs about a specific subject;
a blog author would be able to reach a wider audience than the close
circle of regulars (God bless ’em!).

Enabling this, of course, requires (1.) the web site that provides
browsing the categorized post index to blog readers, and, (2.) the
ability for blog authors to add their posts to the web site. You could,
of course, do lots of fancy stuff with RSS feeds and some agreed on
markup for categorization within blogs, blah, blah…but the simplest
thing would be to just have a the web page and a form for adding posts
to each category.

Such a thing seems like it would exist already — and I have a vague
notion that Radio Community
does this — which would be good, ’cause, as always, the
chances of me getting a system up and running to do anything that
requires a server are severely limited by my laziness when it comes to
getting a server setup and, of course, the prohibitive costs of doing

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