“Hello, I’m back again…”

Double Chivis? Well, hell yes!

Ahh, dear readers, it’s been quite sometime, as many have
. My only explanation, as I was telling CowboyD, is that I’ve been
in a rut. After finishing the last project at work, it’s been quite
slow — code wise — there, and slow work usually means a slow
mind. But enough of that meta-content, onto, no matter how frivolous,
some content.

Leash the Kids

Early this morning, around 1AM, a pack of Boy Scouts invaded Kim and
I’s camp ground at Enchanted Rock. They were loud, talked like young
boys do — e.g., “Oh please, Jimmy, pull the rope harder! Come on!” —
and pissed Kim off to no end. We’d been camping there since Thursday,
and had quite a fine time. However, inre: lugging shit over a small
hill: mental note…make sure cooler has wheels.

I feel fantastic now that I’ve taken a few days off work, lugged shit
around a state park, and camped out with a beautiful girl for a few
days. And, then, of course, driving is always fun: esp. getting first
sighting of Austin which, as always, makes me get a big stupid grin on
my face every time I see the sky-line. As Wayne sings,
“I’m goin’ back to Texas, back to the only gal I’ve every known.”
Which, shouldn’t be taken literally inre: my “gal”, but just as a
nice rejoinder to the thought of being happy to be back home.

“There’s two groups who think God gave them the same piece of land,
both of which aren’t
going to give up
until they have it.”
–Michael Bloomburg, on
on The Capital Gang, CNN.

After two days absence, I’m hungry for what the news is, but it seems
like the only thing of note is (1.) fighting
in ‘stan
, (2.) steel
, (3.) ass,
and, (4.) then this:

“[T]he Bush administration has told the Defense Department to prepare,
on a contingency basis, plans to use nuclear weapons against at least
seven countries.
The military was also directed to build smaller
nuclear weapons for use in certain battlefield situations, the
newspaper reported.”

Whao, nelly! Is it me, or do ya’ll think Junior’s a little far gone on
the war path? I mean, I understand tracking down people in response to
a domestic attack…but, damn, don’t we have La cia, or can’t
we at least borrow 007, for all that heavy shit?


What…are they fucking nuts?!

Lietzke goes to the PGA!

In lighter news, it looks like our man Lietzke,
though he may never have made it to Hollywood
, finally made
the headlines. Ahh, the fruits of having a pocket sized digital

As doozer
pointed out in a longer post about kicking ass — scoring double
points for using the word “brawl” 3 times, and triple
word score for “barroom brawl” — Brenna has re-done the old
. Maybe my brain’s been boiled by too much sun out there at
Enchanted Rock, but for the life of me, I can’t find the link to the
blog. On that note, I think it’s time again for the

With that, all I can leave you, dear readers with, is…YUH!

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