“I like to play.”

This is Weird Wild Stuff...

I just caught the tail end of a Dana Carvey SNL showcase, and lemme tell ya, he’s a comedic genius. His timing is perfect, his jokes are the funny as hell, and he sure as hell can act. The world needs more Dana Carvey.

On the other hand, it’s hard to beat,
“You’re gonna be doing a lot of doobie rolling…when You’re Living In A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER!”

Olympics swimming in corn chips: “A delivery mix-up has left Olympic organizers with 27,146 cases of corn chips, not the 584 that were ordered. That’s more snack food that anyone can deal with.

There are few better phrases than “snack food.” Perhaps the only competition is from a recent local electronica show flyer, i.e., “that ass is talking to me.” But, really, snack food and ass are to seperate ontological categories, and probably shouldn’t compete with on another.

(Thanks to Matt Ray for the link…)

Drain the Swamp

In other news, if you’re a software person, I can’t stress enough how important it is to fix fucked up things right away, esp. in your running enviornment. Though you may have a fine hack for the fucked-up-ness — and there are, many, many fine hacks to be had — it’s been proven time and time again that sooner or later (and more soon than later), something brand new and pretty is gonna sink down into the bog that should have been drained long ago. And then it ain’t so brand new and pretty anymore.

This, indeed, could be a metaphor for how one becomes increasingly cynical until they’re a dried up, crusty black core of a person: the little problems, and the big problems, are not fixed, and make an orginally optimistic person crass and caustic.

Or, at least, mosquotes will bread in your swamp, and everyone will get malaria. Being eaten by The Bog, malaria, or just fix the fucker: it’s your choise.

With Clinton we had sex in the office; with Bush, we got drug problems in the family. Poor Noelle Bush: she was probably just trying to calm down, have a good time, or otherwise pass the time in a non-shitty way.

Once again: The War on Drugs…after that debacle of a war, it’s little wonder The Good Ones can’t find The Evil Ones…or whatever. It’s easy to bomb the shit outta something from 10,000 feet, but do anything that involves actual ground work, and it just don’t seem to work out too well for us ‘mericans, as Bush says it.

Some Fotes

Here, we see me in Houston, at my lady’s place, cutting up pine-apple. There’s some Walgreen’s brand pink stuff there next to the cutting board, and I wanted it noted that I tried to take a shot of it with Kim, but she said, “[Nickname], it’s not liquor!”

As I was leaving Houston, Kim pointed out this fine bumper-sticker. Yeeeee-haaaa!

Josh had to fetch some gas tonight. Here we see him about to “top it off.”

Once again, proof that machines daily leverage their powerful mind reading technology to tempt me with The Sweet Juke-Juke…