cowboyd want a cracker?:

Even though high level languages are generally a good thing, and make your life easier, being ignorant of what is going on beneath the covers will only hurt you. Stated otherwise, the prime tenet of OOP — that ignorance of implementation is always virtue — is, in a word, bullshit…

Our man in London has a created a new bLog for hisself.

Some, in fact many will probably say I’m going to the dark-side, but I’ve finally sucumbed to using IE as my primary browser instead of the venreable Netscape 4.x. I can’t stand the whiz-bangidness of Netscape 6.x, and IE 5.x just seems to render things better. Everything looks so durned purty, and it seems like most CSS rules are being obeyed.

Once again, I’ve stayed up late enough to hear the trash-trucks banging empty trash-bins on the street.

Check out for a realtime (or at least dailt) new/bLog search engine.

And though I’m a little less eager to cheer failure than the often subtly smug Dave “Mr.” Winer, he does have a good on his bLog today:

I also love that the Web has become so much smaller with
all the dotcom distractions flushed out, it’s easier to see
who’s alive and doing interesting stuff. Watch the lights
come back on. Still diggin. Totally 1.0.

I’m not quite sure where this “Still diggin” bid’ness is going…and the whole concept of “1.0” seems bankrupt. But, hey, good idea over-all.

Senor Dude sums it up best:

don’t even like my work that much, but somehow, as soon as I arrive, my
thoughts are completely swallowed by it. Then, all of the sudden it is almost
midnight, and I’m writing about my amazement of where the day went. I
sure hope life isn’t passing me by.

Finally, an explanation of the difference between URIs, URLs, URNs, and all that crap. There’s a great line that shows a kind of resurgence of snootyness that’s been missing during the “boom-time” of the last few years,

People who are well-versed in URI matters tend to use “URL” and “URI” in ways that seem to
be interchangable. Among these experts, this isn’t a problem. But among the Internet community at large, it is. People
are not convinced that URI and URL mean the same thing, in documents where they (apparently) do.

Oh dear! The unwashed masses are using the terms in the wrong way! They don’t understand!

I suppose with namespaces and other XML crap rolling down the slow tubes of standardization, these kinds of distinctions are important, but the term “URL” always did it for me.

Woo-hoo, doozer finally posts:

I’ve always been against long resumes laden with buzzwords…but those seem to be the only ones that make it through the idiotic filters that the recruiters use. I wish someone would occasionally realize that Java is Java, and if you can code in Java you can pick up J2EE, JMS, Jini, Swing, JNI, and JXTA really easily even if you don’t have particular experience in it. Likewise, if you know distributed computing CORBA, RMI, XML-RPC, and SOAP are all pretty much walks in the park (notice I exclude DCOM from this list, cuz MS is never a walk in the park, though MFC and DirectX both have their advantages).

WARNING: Geek post follows.

Thank God for Mailing Lists…
Or, Today’s infuriatin’ Castor Problem

I did two little things:

  1. Added a new boolean field to all tables
    and “data objects”/beans;
  2. Populated my database with pre-existing data that didn’t
    have this new field previously; thus, the value for the field
    was NULL in the db.

Then, I run all my tests, which
created, stored, modified, verified, and removed instances of all the
beans. They all worked just peachy.

The problem sprung up when I fired up the development version of the
old web app
and tried to access the data I’d populated the new DB with.
Good old Castor told me that it didn’t have the lock, and so
it gave up. And through a vague NullPointerException, one of the banes of my coding life because they often have no message or intellegable stack trace.

reported having this problem back in July, and, of course, no
one responded with help. (Though, I must admit, the Castor mailing
is a pretty good list for bug fixin’.) Thankfully I came across

another posting
complaining that NULL entries for columns that mapped to
primitives caused some sort of Castor fuck-up.

It turns out, then, that once I made all the NULL columns non-NULL,
everything worked out fine. The conclusion: better not have NULL
values for columns that Castor maps to booleans. Of
course, this is nothing compared to the bone-headed error I had last
night and this morning where I was writing a field to the
IDENTITY column in the DB, resulting in a painfully
hard bug to solve.