Bush Twins Investigated for Alcohol
Well, it’s good to see that the President’s daughter(s) are being real. People will probably try to use the recent under-aged drinking incident against their credit, but, hell, it’s an absurd law in the first place, so there’s no need to care about folks breakin’ it.

Less than two
weeks after pleading no contest to charges
of underage drinking, President Bush (news
– web sites)’s 19-year-old daughter Jenna is
suspected of illegally trying to buy alcohol at a restaurant using someone
else’s identification.

On the other hand, the Whitehouse is getting testy. The following makes it sounds like Bush is ready to bust some balls,

“I understand that there’s a question of law. I’ve never called anybody
or suggested to anybody that the coverage today is in any way
inappropriate. But to go beyond that I would urge you to be very careful
because any reaction of the parents is parental; it is not governmental. It
is family. It’s private and the American people respect that,” Ari Fleischer said.

And then there’s this little editorial comment about Chuy’s from The Washington Post:

The daughters were at Chuy’s in south Austin, a joint known for mediocre food and killer margaritas.

Mediocre? Their good ain’t that shabby.

Of course, where The Post described the margaritas as “killer,” The Baltimore Sun gets a little more looney:

In the latest case, a manager at Chuy’s, a Mexican restaurant known for its
swirl margaritas”

Everyone down here has “swirl margaritas.” It ain’t some special Chuy’s thing.

And check out this cheese cake fote of the Bush twins. Hubba, Hubba!

In other booze news, the French are slackin’ off,

In French cities, a faster-paced work mentality has whittled away the
traditional three-hour lunch. For some, the summer break has been
condensed from five weeks into two or three.

The French’es raison d’être is to be, well, French, and part of that is to have 3 hour lunches. Hopefully the Spaniards won’t Americanize too much. Soon they may be our last, best hope.

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what did you say about boobs yesterday? boobs rule?

I think that will be my new sig.

Charles Lowell
"boobs rule"

Batman Ecstasy Villain, Issue 594, 1988

In 1988, DC Comics released a Batman issue of the Detective Comics series where the primary villain is a young man who is given ecstasy
and then goes on a killing rampage. The secondary villain is the ecstasy dealer / pusher who gives the young man the drug. This comic
represents some of the absurdist “Just Say No” propaganda common in the late 1980’s and is an amusing piece of War on Drugs

HFSC- GlobeSet/Liaison
Well, here’s a brand-new post from a “happy” person…

Anyone who believed that promise [that there would be no more lay-offs] is naive. Expect more to come. Tony is wrapping it up and
trimming it down to make it attractive for a buyer. He cares nothing about the employees.
They are just a commodity to him. He was hired soley to recover the investor’s money.

My View: eBusiness Hibernation
Some short readin’ on “e” business.

What should large companies do about ‘e’ during the recession? Given that budgets are limited and
many dot-coms are dead, why do eBusiness at all? Aren’t these times really more about survival than about
innovation? Wouldn’t forgoing expensive technology efforts be smarter if it meant avoiding a layoff? Why not just
let eBusiness crawl into a cave and sleep?

Good questions, but they ignore the fundamental difference between business in 1991 and business in 2001. Ten
years ago the only direct customer connection was the phone. There is now a piece of wire connecting
companies to their customers, enabling instant self-service transactions.