Press Releases are cheaper than ads, I suppose: Yahoo – Internet Banking Increases Among End Users; FundsXpress Announces Record Adoption Rates

AUSTIN, Texas, April 30 /PRNewswire/ — FundsXpress Financial Network, Inc. a leading supplier of Internet-based financial services, today
announced financial institutions using FundsXpress Internet Banking experienced over 300% increase in user adoption over the past six months.
This increase was further validated by a 107% increase in active bill pay users and a 103% increase in number of bills processed. The increase in
end-user adoption for banks and credit unions validates the successful model used by FundsXpress to offer a product valued by the end user and
to partner closely with the financial institution. This partnership involves teaming with the financial institution to support their marketing strategies,
increase the number of account holders banking online, create opportunities to cross-sell and to build long-lasting relationships with the institution.

“FundsXpress has operated as an invaluable partner in helping us get our account holders online and staying online,” said Colleen Butler, vice
president of marketing for Elk Horn Bank & Trust. “The strong marketing support we continue to receive has been critical in getting our users to
sign up for Internet Banking. Their competitive pricing structure encourages us to gain new users. The fact that it is an easy to use product,
however, is what has convinced our account holders to stay online and actively use our online services.” Jocko Homo

The decline of
banners is a classic example of people not so
much refusing to accept bad news as refusing
to accept its implications. If the first direct
measurement of consumer response to
advertising yields results this poor, can’t we just
as easily conclude advertising itself doesn’t
work? And if that conclusion leads to a cut in
the ad budget, wouldn’t it be better to start
with your useless, multizillion-dollar TV
campaign, or those dead-on-arrival full-page
magazine ads, than with Web spots that charge
a relatively cheap (and rapidly dropping) $28
per thousand?

Why hasn’t Kmart, which hypes its
revenant Blue Light Special with a blue
lightbulb on its page, not done the obvious
thing and slapped together some once-a-week
banners letting us know what tapes and CDs
we can get at the Nice Price?

Little Lord Fauntleroy Suits

“What the Earl saw was a graceful, childish figure in a black velvet suit, with a lace collar, and with lovelocks waving about the
hansome, many little face, whose eyes met his with a look of innocent good-fellowship.” It was an instant success and indelibly popularized these elaborate velvet
suits. The sons of countless impressionable American mothers were condemned to velvet page-boy suits, short pants, lace collars, and the crowning burden–long
flowing curls. Little Lord Fautleroy had arrived on the American sartorial scene with a vengence.

NetSlaves: Bill Griffith

I read The New York Times every day, just like my father did. I find it strangely
comforting and it gives me ideas for strips. I stopped getting my news fix from TV years
ago, when I noticed that Tom Brokaw was no longer sitting behind a desk. I read a lot
of non-fiction. History,social anthropology, bios. I go into New York to wander the
Metropolitan Museum fairly often. And, of course, I watch The Sopranos every week.

From Thrifty Car Rental
Finding actual HTML comments, such as the one below, is always a special treat here at
no matter how mundane they are:

<!–12/27/00-Rosenthal — TitlePage is designator for the Index.asp page,,,all other pages are
designated by Page. Individual meta data exists for the following…Worldwide, Business, Franchise,
About, Specials, Travel Agent Information, Bluechip, Search. Any page not included in the above list
defaults to the meta used for Worldwide. Alt tags were added to all Left and Top nav gif images.–>

Who is this “Rosenthal”? Perhaps we’ll never know…

Fun In Chat-land:

zrockenbaugh: Man, I forgot to change my status when I went to take a piss. What a novice I am. Too bad there’s not a “taking a piss” status. That would probably be one of the most common ones. You should be able to add your own statti… “too stoned to move,” conserving energy for the winter,” etc.

zrockenbaugh: Oh shit! You can add your own statti!

zrockenbaugh: Hey, this thing is pretty nice. Well, as you’ll see by status shortly, I am off to lunch.

zrockenbaugh: (Now I can update you with all the minutia of my existence.)

Yahoo! Messenger: zrockenbaugh’s status is now “Out To Lunch” (4/27/2001 at 11:27 AM)