FuckedCompany.com – Liaison Slamming

The rot has started. Liaison’s new home page does not have defaults for browsers with javascript
turned off. How clueless can they be. This may be why it did not work for you.

Question: “How many contractors does it take for Liaison to develop a competent corporate web site”

Answer “Unknown. The new CEO is only on his first wave.”

Whao! There’s some major slamming of my work’s current CEO over at the disgruntled employees homepage.

E-Learning Branches Out

During a beta test with
an E-learning supplier, Volvo
Trucks North America Inc. was
told that once its E-learning
portal was up and running, the
company could design its own
courses. Not quite. “There was
no internal flexibility other than dropping words into paragraphs–the
templates were extremely rigid,” says Mark Williams, project development
manager. So Volvo had to bring back consultants to redo programming, at
anywhere from $65 to $200 an hour.

A typical case of “managing expectaions.”

Jim Hightower, 02.05.01

With Bush enthroned, the puffheads of the media have rushed forth to tell us that we Americans
should give ourselves a big pat on the back because “The System” worked. After all, there were no
tanks in the streets! We’re assured that an orderly transfer of power (from one corporate party to
the other) is underway, that our wondrous democracy has performed its magic, that birds of
happiness are singing, that pink fluffy clouds fill our skies, and that all is well in the land of the

Hogwash. If there is anything that Election 2000 taught us, it’s that our political system
deliberately stacks the deck against the democratic will of the people. The candidates themselves
were products of a skewed nominating process that guaranteed success for the two guys who
sacked up the largest amounts of corrupt corporate money and had the backing of their parties’
power elites; the two establishment parties and their nominees spent some $300 million in special
interest funds to misinform the public and avoid the issues that people care most about; the
parties conspired to rig the presidential debates so that no third-party voices could intrude and
challenge the corporate orthodoxy; then Election Day itself revealed the dirty little secret about
our process: “One person, one vote” is a hoax.


OK, NPR, there’s been way too many “Commentator so-and-so tells us about a day without the web/email/computer.” The unmasking worked well the years ago: but, as you always learn after such an unmasking, the “problems of the web” are just the same problems of any life. The web just provides a different technology to create and encounter those problems.

There’s always too much information — scrolls, books, magazines, newspapers, web-pages and news-feeds — to digest if you want to be in the know: that’s why people in the know get paid top dollar.

(Well, and also because they seem to have wealthy friends who’ll give them jobs, extremely good luck, and/or a talent for communicating).

More Adventures with Jef Raskin

It’s very strange, but in grade school, high school, college, I was a dreadful writer– I was a D student in
English. One of the things I did at Bannister and Crun was use one of these little microcomputers, it may
have been a Poly-88, and wrote a word processor; and it may have been the first microprocessor word
processor. But I discovered my real problem was not lack of ability, but two things.

  1. It was so
    mechanically difficult to write, and make corrections, and do all that work, that it didn’t seem worth the
  2. and two, I didn’t have anything to say.

I remember going to college, and going to this class, and
the first assignment the professor gave was, “Please write a five-page paper on the subject of…
cucumbers.” I had no idea how to write even more than one sentence on cucumbers: “Cucumbers are
round, green vegetables that grow out of the ground, and I like to eat them.”

Adventures with Jef Raskin

Well, yes. In an experiment you have the experimental animals and the controls, and you
sacrifice both; then you take out whatever organs you need, and put the rest in a freezer. After a while
Brian recognized this, and he said, “Oh! Here’s a source of meat!” So we got some control bunnies, they
were already skinned, and we had rabbit stew now and then. There has to be some advantage to
working for a university.

Deleted: I am an un-consumer (Ben Brown)

You know, when you haven’t been to the mall in a while, it’s sorta an
awe inspiring experience. So many stores! So convenient! Everyone is so
friendly, helping your dollar bills up and out of your wallet and into the
cash register where they belong. It’s so satisfying to be a consumer.

“There is a certain charm,” says Dakota, “to being part of such a slick
economic system. The process has been lubricated, all we have to do is
slide along.”

From Davey D’s

Look I’ll be the first to admit Eminem’s subject
matter is not my cup of tea. However, what I’m
looking at is certain sense of hypocrisy. There’s
relative silence when we as a society celebrate
and reward all sorts of outlandish, questionable
and less then wholesome behavior and
individuals.. But now we’re up in arms against
Eminem. He’s the favorite whipping boy.. But
getting rid of him does very little to solve any of
the problems.. Someone told me that Eminem is
is in trouble with the law so therefore we should
be outraged. I agree. However, there’s a
deafening silence when everyone from Ike
Turner to Tommy Lee who have wife beating
reputations have graced our stages. We still pay
tribute to drug addicts like Elvis? He’s still the
king. Dr Dre is held in high esteem dispite his
past troubles which also include violence against