In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning

All this week folks, thanks to my grandmother this xmas, it’s
In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning:

In the wee small hours of the morning
While the whole wide world is fast asleep
You lie awake and think about the girl
And never ever think of counting sheep

When your lonely heart has learned its lesson
You’d be hers if only she would call
In the wee small hours of the morning
That’s the time you miss her most of all

Mullet Of The Week, always delivers…

for those of you in other countries: a
soccer mom is an attractive, white
mini-van driving, ex-cheerleader who
married the football star the day after
high school graduation. after a few ugly
kids squirt out of her, she totes them
around the suburbs like a kangaroo while
their dad brings home the bacon at the
toyota dealership and fucks random
secratary sluts.
they have a 3 bedroom 2 bath, 2 story
house in the upper-middle class part of
town and regularly attend school and
town meetings and of course, all of
their children’s extra-curricular
activities–currently the american
dream. but i digress.

I hear that today is “Boxing Day”, whatever the hell that means:

The holiday’s roots can be traced to Britain, where Boxing Day is
also known as St. Stephen’s Day. Reduced to the simplest essence,
its origins are found in a long-ago practice of giving cash or
durable goods to those of the lower classes. Gifts among equals
were exchanged on or before Christmas Day, but beneficences to
those less fortunate were bestowed the day after.