--- Charles Lowell  wrote:
>  Noah -- for some reason they don't have salt & vinegar chips in
> Pennsylvania
>  Dave -- cause the Amish would be like "salt & vinegar could lead to
> dancing"

That is in line with the old Arley type of humor. Ah, good old
Arley…and now, a wholly original e-mail from me, with section


Well, how you doin’ there? Have a good Thanksgiving? I had a jolly
one at the old GC — Golden Corral — with my new relatives a la Bob
(my step-dad) in Jasper. It was dope: you could have Turkey, Ham,
(cornbread) stuffing, or pizza, Frito pie, and spaghetti. The Corral
is always a treat, mostly because I only go like once every 2 or 3
years. Buffet Americana is a rare feast indeed.

Work’s goin’ pretty good, apparently we’re doin’ all right
financially. Hopefully we’ll have a bitchin’ Christmas party with lots
of free booze. The old FundsXpress Christmas party is rollin’ around
as it always does, and this’ll be the first time both of us — me and
Mesa/FX — won’t be spending the Holiday’s together. A little sad, of
course, but what you gonna do right? So long to endless free


Last Saturday night I decided it’d be fun to have a midnight meal at
Starseeds: you know, get a bunch of people together and eat at
midnight in a diner. Next time, perhaps this Saturday, I think I’d
rather go somewhere else; Starseeds is a little too Austin circa ’96
for me: too indy rock/lifestyle and pompous about it.

The waitresses — we had like 2: one of them an odd, blond, large
hipped, vaguely Eastern European type; the other an older, but never
mind that!, neo-Betty Page — were surely and a bit touchy about
people coming and going from our table. As Mz. Poche said though,
“They’re probably just testing us.” Which suited me find, I didn’t
give a God damned about their stinkin’ rules.

I was having a bacon cheese burger with good folks like Mason (in for
Thanksgiving), Zane (sportin’ the Chuck Taylor All-Stars), Claire
(raven hair mussed and hangin’ beautifully as always), Josh (sportin’
his new fleece and kahki shorts, “Ode to Hunter Thompson” as I like to
call it, outfit), and Golfball (though she was only there, and dead
quiet, for a couple minutes — but I don’t really know her anyhoe) all
crammed into a 4 person booth around midnight havin’ a ball. No need
for anyone to get angry ’bout that. And the coffee was fantastic. Next
time you’re in town, go there for a cup of coffee: so good, my man.

Nonetheless, I think I’ll explore other places. It’s a damn shame
though, despite the obnoxiously loud music — too bad about Wu-Tang:
they need a new sound. Don’t get me wrong, I love ’em to death, but I
want a new soundscape for ’em — Starseeds has food at sexy-low prices
that’s stocky and savory: like I like my women ;>


Anyhow, there’s a little re-cap on La Vida Cote’. I got my car’s oil
changed today too; always feels good to take care of car
chores. Super-dope. Oh, and school’s almost over, then I’ll be free
from having to go to class again, a new wall ornament, and you know
what else? …A SHINY NEW AFRO!