I’m no vegan, but articles like this make me think twice:

In Asia, where many people drink no milk whatsoever, breast cancer
tends to be rare. In rural China, for example, among women aged 35 to
64, Campbell found that breast cancer deaths averaged 8.7 per 100,000,
as opposed to 44 per 100,000 in the United States. In India, where
people eat more dairy in the form of yogurt, other researchers have
documented higher rates of breast cancer, but they are still lower than
those of Western nations. The same pattern holds true, Campbell says,
when you narrow the focus to the West alone. A comparative study
published in 1989 showed that even in Europe, two areas with higher
milk consumption- Scandinavia and the Netherlands- also had higher
breast cancer rates.

From: Cars & Conspiracies @DisInfo

After failing to convince the trolley companies to voluntarily switch to their
fossil-fuel burning, rubber-tires rolling, steel-made buses, the coalition
recruited “small-time bus operator” Roy Fitzgerald to buy up the smaller city
trolley lines, and replace them with his buses, as the National City Lines.
Most US electric trolley lines were torn up, paved over, and forgotten as
national Good Roads were built for cars, and more polluting, less efficient
buses became the normal public transportation.