Excerpt from HST Interview

From Atlantic Unbound – Interview with Hunter S. Thompson:

[A bottle of Wild Turkey is introduced.]

HST: Aw, man. I drank this like some sort of sacrament
for — I mean, constantly — for I think fifteen years. No
wonder people looked at me funny. No offense. This is
what I drank, and I insisted on it and I drank it constantly
and I liked it. Jesus. I laid off it for six months and went
back to it — an accident one night, in a bar — and it
almost knocked me off the stool. It’s like drinking
gasoline. I thought, what the fuck…?

A MacIntyre Reference

There’s more pride in this world than we think there is. It’s not as obvious as two fellas duealing to resolve a pride dispute, but folks certainlly get their feathers ruffled if you suggest they might be wrong. Like MacIntyre says, arguing just becomes a cacophony when everyong (thinks) they’re right.

How sweet is victory when all you’ve done is bop someone on the head instead of won them over. But if we had that kind of love in the first place — the kind where you’d care about winning someone over –there wouldn’t be problem.

Then again, I must just be deluded about all this.