Cloud Closures and Server-side JavaScript Injection – Episode #165


Charles asked me to think of some ways you’d use sandboxed JavaScript on the server side – I jump right in with some examples:

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We’ll see if any of it helps Charles out with his talk.

2 thoughts on “Cloud Closures and Server-side JavaScript Injection – Episode #165

  1. i call this style “upwardly mobile code”

    and i love the way that Charles just cannot give up programming the server -this stuff is freestyle all over again -this time, client initiated and lightweight, but still that desire to program the server (charles might deny this, but he is just too close to see it -i tell ya! )

    i agree that it is a big thing, because it is the missing link in computing (we do every other combination,just not this one)

    what worries me is the necessity for it -when all the useful data in the world is “in the cloud” (and don’t start me on what a sly piece of doublespeak “cloud” is) well, we will just *have* to run our apps there too -all very worrying

    but forget “evil” -when something can’t be done without google doing it (ie charles pondering how he might convince google to offer this stuff) then we are in a bad place, where evil is orthogonal

    the problem that this model will hit imo is “the cloud” not wanting to cede that much control to the schmucks on the edge -for data centralisers, any code with access to their stash is a trojan -the sandbox they like is only allowing calls to specific well constrained “api’s”.

    The boring version of Charles’s electric vision may turn out to be the slow evolution of turing complete languages *outwards* from rpc calls and in a functional style, rather than *in* from “injected” imperative code

    also imo, this style *should* be treated restfully -you put a code resource, and get representations of it (as opposed to “web eval” where you send the code with each request and it is all rpc ad-hockery)

    finally, i propose that Charles will not be truly happy until he is working for Linden Labs -2nd life scripts seem to me to be the closest we have now to the model that charles proposes

    There are some fascinating interviews re the hacks that Linden have pulled off in order to support “upwardly mobile” code (on mono) that can migrate across tiles (se-radio, an oopsla presentation,

    so there dammit

    Pete F

  2. I love Drunk and Retired; I’ve listened to it for a couple of years now.

    So time for one tiny critique… please fix your podcast feed. A host of episodes don’t show up in chronological order. They just keep shifting to the top.

    For example. This episode (the most current at the time) is the twelfth episode down on the list. Ahead of it are 11 episodes that say they’ve been published today (whatever today is… ever time I open the feed in a podcast catcher, it shows “today” as the day that I opened it). It’s annoying.

    Here are the offending episodes:

    What Won’t Meatloaf Do? – SXSW 2009 Edition

    Waiting for an iPhone

    Lightening SXSW 2009 Reviews

    Episode 112

    Episode 111

    Episode 104

    Episode 103

    Episode 102

    Episode 101

    Episode 100

    Thanks and I really do appreciate the podcast. I just was reminded of this with today’s podcast management session and thought I’d do my duty as a faithful listener to let you know about it, in case it had escaped your notice.

    Sorry If I sound like an ass.

    Take care guys. I look forward to hearing more from you both.

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