Episode 115 – SQL vs. Database 2.0, AVPR, Getting More Money for GameOnLeagues!

This week’s episode is available directly for download, or from auto-magically from the podcast feed, or click below to play:

SQL and Next Generation Databases

As Charles starts telling us about how he’s been flummoxed by some recent SQL, we talk about new, non-relational database models out there like Amazon’s SimpleDB. I point out that none of them seem to care about SQL, to which Charles says, “yeah, well, SQL sucks” and then goes on to tell us a handful of use cases where SQL doesn’t work so well for him.

In talking about non-relational database models, Charles raises the interesting point that whatever they use, he needs to be able to do some “business intelligence” with the data: reporting, stats, and other data harvesting.


We then jump into a discussion of Alien vs. Predator Requiem and sci-fi movies. Charles mentions the Bladerunner Game FAQ (see here, thanks to the Internet Archive). After reminiscing about games on CD-ROMs, we bog down into some FundsXpress memories, namely, “XML on CD-ROM” which was apparently some FundsXpress hoopla.

GameOnLeagues Update

Charles and I then do some out-louding thinking about getting more partners and overall “biz-dev” for GameOnLeagues!. He’s interested in getting people to sponsor tournaments, which seems like a god idea. And, as Charles says, some investment cash would help them out: got some? ;>

Vote for GameOnLeagues!

If you’re feeling kind, vote-up their digg submission below:

The Gaming Industry

I get Charles to list the sort of “hangers ons” in the gaming industry, going through people GameOnLeagues.com might find some sponsors among. The lists includes the gaming trade press, game stores, other people who run tournaments, and merchandising.

JavaOne and Scala

In my yearly attempt to get Charles to go to JavaOne (still no word on our “Live recording of DrunkAndRetired.com” BoF submission), I mention that I’ll probably be going to an upcoming Scala conference (which I completely got the dates wrong for, it’s in May, not Feb.!) and mention the recent Scala coverage in the Java Posse.

Miller and Barking

After discussing Silva’s mother and Charles’ like for Miller High Life, I ask Charles if he knows about dog barking: namely, if it means they’re stressed out, or if they’re having fun.

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