[DrunkAndRetired.com Podcast] Episode 103 – Ruby & Java IDE Chat

In this episode, Coté and Charles spend much time talking about IDEs like Eclipse, NetBeans, IntelliJ, and TextMate (for ruby). Also:

  • Old Austin Radio – Froggy and Key 103.5
  • Play-off Beards.
  • The “Should” Anti-pattern.
  • Transformers and the Hip-hop/Sci-fi error in movies.
  • Amazon S3 vs. libsyn.
  • Shiner Kolsch.
  • Haskell and side-effects.
  • Unix programming w/pipes and The End Times.


Audio only version also available.

0 thoughts on “[DrunkAndRetired.com Podcast] Episode 103 – Ruby & Java IDE Chat

  1. In the “meth” part…

    Hey guys. I am a new listener to the podcast, and I really enjoy it. Keep up the good work.

    I am a Java Developer by trade, and Eclipse is my IDE of choice. Charles, you mentioned something on this podcast that troubled me about Eclipse as well. It is the difference between overwriting and inserting from the CTRL+Space content assist. After doing some digging, I found that this is actually a preference in Eclipse that can be set. If you open the Window->Preferences and navigate to Java->Editor->Content Assist, there you will find a group titled “Insertion”, from which you can choose whether to insert or overwrite. This preference helped me, and I hope that it helps you.

    Looking forward to more great content.


  2. Hey, thanks Carlus!

    Already using overwrite and loving it….

    I like Eclipse too, and that’s exactly my gripe with it: you can generally do what you want to, but not by default.

  3. Hi Charles,

    to answer your question about how to open non-Java files in NetBeans: You can browse and open all kinds of files in the “Favorites” window. HTH.

    PS: You’re good, you got the “Kölsch” right ;)

  4. As a german guy living in Oslo, Norway, with a swedish wife, I am quite familiar with the “umlauts” –
    Charles got the “kölsch” exactly right – it’s a beer from Cologne (the german city with the big dome). In usual german, it would be “kölnisch”, but the Cologne people shorten it down to “kölsch”.
    The norwegian “ø” is almost exactly the same vowel…
    And the swedisch “å” is pronounced about the same as “oh”.

  5. Hi guys,

    Enjoy your podcast a lot: now that I’ve become a Mac fanboy, I use iTunes to subscribe.

    *But* I mostly listen to podcasts on the drive to/from work, and looking at video podcasts is frowned upon by the constabulary (btw, a bit of Australiana. An “ocker” name for cops is “wallopers”. Dunno whether it refers to the sound of the siren or what they do with nightsticks).

    Annnywaaay, I know that I can download mp3 versions individually, but I can’t see how to subscribe to those mp3s in iTunes.

    Am I missing an RSS feed somewhere?


  6. Hi C’n’C,

    Since I was here looking for the audio only feed and have found the answer, just thought I may as well let you know that I love the podcast, keep up the good work. ;)

  7. Hey guys. It seems that your podcast is no longer available in audio format on iTunes. There is a video only feed but nothing with audio. Is this by design?


  8. @Tim: Yep. I definitely shop at IKEA. Or, I should say, *Silva*, being scandinavian, shops at IKEA.

    Kinda like that old Mike Myers bit: “If it’s not scottish, it’s crap!”

    well, /s/scottish/scandinavian/

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